Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Harper turned 4 yesterday - can you believe that it has already been 4 years? We can't. We decided to keep in simple this year. The 3 of us (Mommy, Daddy & Harper) went to Chuck E Cheese about 5 and had a good time. We ate the 'wonderful' ???? pizza and played for a couple of hours. We then came home and opened presents and had cake! For all of you who were sitting on pin & needles... YES, She got her princess dress! She even got a paid of glitter shoes.. Which I am not regretting as we have glitter all over! This was about the first and only time I actally forgot my camera so I don't have any picutres of her at Chuck E Cheese - but I did get a few when we were at home. I'll get them posted in the next day or so.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 9

I gotten into the habit of telling Harper "you crack me up". Tonight she was in bed and we had just done our nightly routine and we starting laughing about something (that part I don't remember). She looked are me and says "mommy, you crack me down".

Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 8

Last night Harper was having a "little" trouble listening. I had taken her to bed and we were sitting there talking - I had gotten after her a little and she was upset because I had yelled at her. I told that I would promise not to yell if she promised to listen..... and we would start in the morning when we got up. WELL - - I got her up this morning and we did our normal morning routine. It was time to brush her teeth and she went into the bathroom but wasn't listening when I asked her to open so I could brush her teeth. I reminded her about our deal last night - I won't get mad at you if you listen.... She looks at me, raises her eyebrows and says. "let's start that tomorrow mommy".....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 7

Harper and I were on our way to speech today. We were driving down 48th Street playing "I SPY". Harper says... "I spy with my little eyes, something Pink - Mommy, why is that lady in her underwear". We had just drove by Dr. John's and she saw the big pictures of lady on the side of the building.

Christmas in January & Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 6

This past weekend was our annual Christmas in January in Albion. Everyone was able to make it for the weekend. Jim & Sonja, Scott & Marlene, Jacob & Carie, Ed & Sheena (with Tripp & Trinton), Brady, Miechelle (with Madison, Caleb & Abby) & of course Matt, Harper and myself. We got to Albion Saturday morning... it was nice b/c we were the first ones and could visit with Mom & Dad. In the afternoon EveryOne was there and boy was it loud.. The kids had a great time playing. Grandma had bought some of the balloons that you make animals out of and I spend a lot of time that afternoon blowing them up... They loved it! We had dinner and then it was time to open gifts... The kids got all sorts of things.. Grandma got each of of the girls a purse, costume jewelry and hats (old hats that she got at a sale) they loved them! The kids played and before we knew it, it was almost 11. So we headed back to the Dunes Hotel... Harper was very tired, with no nap and all that playing and running around. It took a while to get her relaxed - probably had the biggest melt down have ever had with her..... first she wanted the covers on, they off, then she wanted to be in this bed, then that bad.. Once she finally slowed down she was OUT for the night. We headed back to Mom and Dads in the morning and just hung out and visited and the kids played. We left in the mid/late afternoon. You could tell that Harper was tired and ready to go home. We stopped to grab something to drink on the way our of town and she pretty much fell asleep while she and Matt waited in the car. It was great to see everyone and we had a good time.

Saturday night Ed (Sheena's husband) finally made it to Albion after working all day. He walked in with his cowboy hat on... Harper walks up to him and asked him if he was a cowboy. When he answered Yes, she then asked him where his horse was. Ed just laughted and said he left his horse at home.

Christmas in Albion


Friday, January 16, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 5

Tonight we were having our usual Friday night supper (homemade Pizza) talking. Matt was trying to explain to Harper what the 'game plan' is for tomorrow. (we are heading to Albion for the weekend) She wasn't listening - so Matt laughed and called her a Brat and said I'll tell you tomorrow. She looked at him and said "I'll still be a Brat tomorrow".

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preschool Program

Harper had her Preschool program on Sunday. The pictures below are a little hard to see... They had the T/Th morning and afternoon class together so there was about 40 kids. Uncle Mitch, Aunt Brandy, Aunt Jayne, Grandpa & Deb were able to come. They sang about 5 or so songs and then we all went to the Fellowship hall for cookies. Harper got to show everyone her classrooms & the gym. Harper didn't surprise us with her actions during the program. We had borrowed Susan's video camera (THANKS SUSAN) to take the program. Matt was standing in the middle isle taping and I was on the other end of the pew standing so I could take pictures. Harper was in the back row, right in the middle. All the kids walked out, some looked scared to death, other were just looking around, but not our Harper... She walked out and instantly started (loudly) saying Mommy & Daddy where are you? She finally spotted Matt but didn't see me... She kept saying, Daddy, where's Mommy. Matt pointed my way and she saw me. They sang their songs and we could sure hear Harper! They did Jingle Bells and they all got to bells to shake... While Harper was shaking her bells the sleeve of her sweater came unrolled (her sleeves were a little long so I had rolled them up) I knew exactly what had happened. She looked out at me and said (during the song - loudly) Mommy come here - Come here, I need your help. You should have seem Mitch, Brandy, Jayne, Deb & Grandpa all laughing.. I was laughing so hard that I had tears! After the song Miss Mary walked up and help her fix her sleeve (THANKS Miss Mary). A few songs later they did Jingle Bell Band and each kid had a different instrument (bells, sticks etc). Harper got the bells and immediately started to ask boy in front of her if he wanted to trade - no deal! During the verses in the song each kid played their instruments when they sang about it.. Well, Harper was sure to tell the kids around her when they were playing out of turn! I went to pick her up at Preschool today and I had 3 parents tell me they enjoyed watching Harper at the program! That's our Harper leaving that lasting impression! Love you babydoll!

Program Pictures

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 4

Can't believe I forgot to post this one... to give you a little back ground information - In Preschool Harper has been learning about Joseph, Mary & Baby Jesus......... Matt and Harper went to Walmart a couple of weeks ago to get groceries. Matt said they were walking down an isle and a Middle Eastern woman was standing there with her head garb on (excuse the ignorance - I don't know you call it). Apparently Harper looks at her and says "look Daddy a Mary". Matt said he got a dirty look from the lady and then said to Harper.. "yes, dear" and they moved on.

Harper's first SLED ride!

We got just a little bit of snow Friday night (mostly gone now). Neighbor John brought over a sled they had so Harper could ride down our front 'hill'. We got her all dress with her snow pants and Daddy's hat that she insist on wearing when she is outside. There is a huge pile of hard show in front of the house so it was perfect so stop her before she went out into the circle after riding the hill. Matt even pulled her around the yard. Matt is hoping for more snow so they can both go somewhere and ride a sled that will fit them both. Matt says Grandpa has some good ones.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 4 page 3

Harper has a calendar hanging on her bedroom door. I highlight the days that she has things going on - like the days she going to preschool/dance. She got a new one for Christmas - it has all of the Disney Princesses on it. January's Princess is Jasmine. This morning while we were putting an X on her calendar (we mark off the days when we get up). She said how beautiful Jasmine was and she said she wanted Jasmine to come over and play. I started to try to explain to her that Jasmine can't come over and play and she interrupted (those of you who see her regularly know that is an issue)...and says.. That's OK Mommy if she can't come over and play I'll just go in there and play with her.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 4: page 1 & page 2

The other day Harper and I were talking about what we were going to get her cousins for Christmas ( we are having my family Christmas in Albion on the 17th of January). She said that Abby wanted a baby toy, Madison wanted a babydoll like the one she got from Aunt Jayne, Caleb wanted a truck, Tripp wanted a tractor and Trinton wanted a picture of her to put on his dresser? ........ for those of you who don't get the 'joke' here - Stephanie gave each of us a small framed pictures of her (her school pictures) for Christmas in our stocking. Harper has 2 of the frames on her dresser beside each other. Don't think I have shared with one with Aunt Stephanie yet.. I'm sure she will be overjoyed :-)

Last night Harper & Matt were sitting on the couch and it was almost time for bed. She was saying that she wanted to watch Spongebob - Matt said no it's almost time for bed. Then she said she wanted to watch Miss Spider and he said no again, it's almost time for bed. Then she snuggled up close to Matt and said " Daddy, I'll watch football with you" is a sweet voice. Now if that is not manipulation I'm not sure what is!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our Busy Christmas Season

We had a good Christmas this year and it isn't over yet. The weekend of January 17th we are going to spend the weekend in Albion and have Christmas with my family. However, Christmas with Matt's family is over and it was very enjoyable. We spend Christmas Eve at Steve's - Stephanie, Mitch, Brandy, the 3 of us and Steve. Harper received all sorts of things, just to name a few: Operation, Candy Land, some fishing game, PJ's (H is for Harper - thanks Brandy, she loves it) 2 snow globes ( to start off her collection, thanks again Brandy) shoes, husker shirt, movies, Stephanie had great ideas for Harper with fun learning kind of gifts - making necklaces, stamps and things. Thanks Stephanie for doing such a great job on the stockings - that's the part we all seem to love! Christmas morning we got up and opened a few more gifts.... I got my token Yankee Candle from Matt and he got his calendar. Santa brought Harper a big wheel and a dinosaur ( a stuffed one and she can sit on). We then headed to Chester for the day. Mitch rode down with us and Brandy stayed in with her family for the day. At Great-Grandma's there was the usual houseful... Jayne, Jolene, Brianna, Craig, Shelly, Judy, Jim, Emelle, Sarah, Jordan, Jan, Carrie, Katy, John, Holden, Andrew. Jesse, Amber, Hannah & Hayden were back from Washington and Harper got to play with Hannah. They had a good time, I only wish they lived closer so they spend more time together. We had decided to have lunch again at the Auditorium. It is only a block from Great-Grandma's so it really isn't bad.... other then carrying all the stuff over there. It works out very well because Great-Grandpa came come and have dinner with us. Unfortunately this year as we were almost ready to eat we lost power. Apparently the transformer outside blew - so we ate and then headed back to Great-Grandma's to get warm. Harper received more gifts while in Chester - Jayne gave her a baby doll and cries and actually sucks on a bottle and binkey. Judy gave her a Barbie and Sarah & Emelle gave her a really neat 'dance' bag and some books. On Friday we headed to Albion for a short day trip. Jim & Sonja, Sheena, Tripp & Trenton all came down. We had a good time, Harper and the boys really enjoy playing together! That's our Christmas in a nut shell - Glad it's over but also sorry to see it go! Matt and I have been home with Harper since the 22nd (No daycare and no preschool) we are looking forward to Monday coming so we can all get back on our regular schedule! Below are some pictures I took of Harper and only a few of her gifts!