Friday, March 26, 2010

Abby's 3rd Birthday weekend in Atkinson....

Harper and Trinton @ Uncle Scott & Aunt Marlenes...

Harper and Baby Jadon




Happy Birthday Abby!


Brandy's shower!

Weekend together at the Grand Island!

Matt had all the kids in cousin Ralph's room juming on the bed...
Abby wasn't so sure about it?
Go Madison Go!

With Daddy's help she jumped! Thanks Daddy

Wow - Harper!

Fly Caleb Fly!

Harper enjoying the Pool in Grand Island

Aunt Sonja, Baby Jadon & Harper

Aunt Sonja, Grandpa & Baby Jadon

Daddy & Harper

Harper's Humor Chapter 14 page 1

Jumpoline has come up many time (again) it's not trampoline - it's jumpoline!

Harper like to 'know' what is going to happen for the day. I had picked her up at Preschool and we were heading to DD's. I was explaining that Daddy was going to come pick her up at 3:00 and take her to speech, I was going to work until 5 and then go to the school to register her for school and then afterwords I would meet her and Daddy at Weight Watchers.

It was silent for a moment and she says.... "After what words Mommy?" I didn't get it right away and she says again... "After words ?? after what word Mommy".. OMGosh all I could do was laugh!

Been a while...

I can't believe it has been almost 6 weeks since I have posted anything... I know a lot has happened and it seems as though I look at the pictures in my camera to see what we have done.

  • February 12, my brother-in-law Jim passed away. I didn't talk to Jim a lot, but I miss him very much. I can't imagine how much Sonja misses him. We have Memorial Service in Grand Island on the 20th. The whole family was able to come and we all stayed in Grand Island that evening so the kids got to swim and we all got to spend some much needed time together.
  • February 22 Matt and I went to the Buddy Guy & BB King concert at the Mid-America center in Council Bluffs. We had a really good time. Harper got to spend the night with Uncle Mitch & Aunt Brandy. Uncle Mitch even got to take her to Preschool the next morning.
  • March 6th was Brandy's 'aunt' shower at the Hampton Inn here in Lincoln. Hannah was able to come so she and Harper - along with Holden and Hayden got to play together.
  • March 19th I registered Harper for Kindergarten.... OMGosh.. I can't believe my little girl is going to start school this fall. She will go to Belmont Elementary and we are going to get her into the before and after school program at the Rec center that is attached to the school
  • March 20th was a busy day for us.... Harper had dance in the morning (recital in at the end of may). She had a preschool party at the Ager Playground from 3:00 - 4:30. I then took her to the Hughes for the evening so I could go to Brandy's bacherlotte party. Matt left for Mitch's bacherlor party that afternoon (it was in Omaha).
  • That brings us to this weekend... Kind of quiet other the Dain's 5th birthday party tomorrow in Eagle. We are looking forward to is because we will get to see Dain and I hear that Tim, Susan AND Calvin will be there!!!!

Next week is Mitch and Brandy's wedding.. SHOULD be a good time. Harper is the flowergirl so I will have lot of pictures to post...