Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I finally got most of the staff in my office dress us for Halloween this year....And We had a lot of fun!

The Dentist, Static Cling & Mrs Monkey

Mrs. Monkey

Mini Pearl and Flo


As you can see we had a beatiful day to carve our pumpkins this year. I of course use a stencil and Harper and Daddy freehanded their pumpkins. As you can see we (well, Daddy) used power tools again this year... and Harper's pumpkins has an earring!

Daddy using power tools to carve.....

Mommy, Harper's & Daddy's pumpkins

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roca Berry 2011

We made our annual trip to Roca Berry Farms and had a good time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Annual Fish Fry!!!!

Time for out annual fish fry at Nick and Kate Bibles..... Matt and Mitch took the PIT out earlier in the week and then we spent Friday night getting ready for the big day. Matt and Mitch were out there before the sun was up and had the PIT lite and ready for the food. They did a great and food was GREAT!..... As you can see by all the pictures.....

Armadillo Eggs ready to go...

Pork butt all seasoned and ready to go in the frig...

Breakfast FATTY

Green pepper, cream cheese FATTY

Harper weaving the bacon on the FATTY

Great Job Harper! You are a pro now!

The completed FATTY - with Harper's help!

All the prep is done and ready to head to Nick & Kates!

Hanging out on the couch in the Yucky Truck!


Armadillo Eggs on the weber

Pork butts on the gril

Putting the FATTY on the PIT


FATTY cut up and ready to eat

Mitch's Mac-n-Cheese

Pulling the pork out of the PIT

Frying the fish

Looks good guys!

Visit to Albion......