Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wow - What a memorable Christmas 2009 will be for most of my family and friends... I don't remember a time what I was not able to travel where I wanted on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. All family got to where they needed to be and everyone is safe and sound and warm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Matt, Harper and I went to a movie Christmas Eve day and then headed home to open gifts. Mitch & Brandy headed to Syracuse, Steve was in Ashland with Deb and Stephanie was in Salina with Deron's family. We had all planned on heading to Chester Christmas Day, but with the weather it wasn't a good idea. Which is probably a good thing as Aunt Jayne called Christmas morning and they had no power! Sure glad I was in Lincoln with electricity!! LOL

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day.... SNOW

Christmas Eve

Right before bed on Christmas Eve, we check the Norad Rador to see where Santa was. Matt explained to Harper that Santa was in South American and was on his way to the United States. She looked at it for a little while and then actually asked.... if she could go to bed.
Matt, Harper & I had a nice family Christmas Eve together this year. I had to work until noon and then headed home for the long weekend. We went to a move in the afternoon (Princesx & the Frog - which I highly recommend) & then home for the evening. We opened our gifts to one another and off to bed - Harper went.

Her new Princess nightgown -
today she told me that she is not goign to take it off for 21 days..???

Sparkely shoes....

Princess calender...

SpongeBob Connect 4...

Our Gingerbread House...

Harper and I went to he Children's museum a couple of weeks and make a Gingerbread house. The house was already assembled and all we had to do was decorate it. They provided red, white and green frosting and as you can see ALL the candy you can think of...

Friday, December 11, 2009


Princess of the Mountain....
Harper sitting on the huge snowpile outside our house...

Harper and the neighbor girls had a blast playing in the snow

Decorating the Tree....

Finally got the Christmas tree decorated the other night. We had good time doing through all the totes and finding each years ornament. The year Matt and I got married we started to buy an ornament each Christmas. Harper was also helping and as you can see she was placing things under the tree. We had to explain to her that the presents so under the trees....

Harper and her Daddy....

'the pose'
As you can see we were watching Rudolf while decorating the tree


Jayne, Harper & myself went to the church where Harper goes to preschool to see the Decorated Christmas trees & Santa. Every year different companies, business or organizations decorate themed Christmas trees and they are on display. Harper is standing in front of the one decorated by the Westminster preschool classes.

Harper and Santa...

This is the first year that Harper has sat on Santa's lap. She has always been scared in the past, if you can actually believe THAT. This year she sat on his lap and told him what she wanted... and also told him that had seen him fall off the roof - but that was just pretend. (we had just watch Santa Claus with Tim Allen a few nights before). We looked at more of the trees and she went back over to talk to Santa some more - not sure what she was saying... LOL

Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking back at Christmas 2005...

It's hard to believe that Harper will be 5 in January. Where did the time go? I was going through old pictures of when Harper was a baby and thought I would share a few pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas 2005.

Looking back.....

Harper and Grandpa plaing on Great Grandpa & Grandma floor Thanksgiving 2005

Aunt Stephie trimming Harper's fingernail
(I still have not yet trimmer her nails, Daddy always does it)

Hanaha, Harper, Aunt Jo & Aunt Steph hanging out..

November 2005
I just love this picture!
Grandpa & Harper playing on the floor
Christmas Eve 2005
Harper sitting in the Princess Chair that Mitch & Brandy go her..
She still has it and insist that we keep it!
Her drum set - thanks Aunt Steph! LOL

December 2005
Another one of my favorites......

Harper's Humor Chapter 12 page 1

I haven't done a very good job of posting Harper's Humor lately. But I have a few that I need to be shared.

To start this story off I need to give you a little background. Deb & Grandpa have recently given Harper a bunch of videos. We have watched Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and a bunch of other movies. I have shown Harper how to run the clicker (stop,rewind,fast forward). So, the other day Harper and I were on our way to DD's in the morning. I had KFOR on the radio and Harper thought she heard they say Harper. She says "Mommy, rewind the radio I think they say Harper." I tried to explain to her that you cannot rewind the radio. She points at the radio and says "yes you can Mommy, there is a rewind button.". She was pointing at the seek button the radio...

Matt took Harper to speech yesterday and when I got home from work they were in the garage waiting so me so we could head to Weight Watchers. Matt looked a little stressed. I asked him out speech went and he said it went OK, but she was a little wound up. Recently Karen and Harper has been working on sentences and telling stories. Karen had asked Harper what she would do if she smelled smoke and she was in the house. Harper said " I would run into the kitchen and see what was cooking." (I'm not sure were that came from as I do not often burn things in the kitchen) LOL

I believe they were doing the same thing, but Harper had started a sentence with Harper instead of I. Karen put up her finger and said to Harper "I". Matt said Harper didn't miss a beat and said "spy with my little eye".

She is doing great with the speech therapy and you can understand her so much better. It is a lot to fun and she has learned a lot. Karen and Laura are so nice and Harper really enjoys going.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hair cut - Finally!!!

We finally went and got Harper's hair cut today. It's probably been almost 7 months since had gotten it cut. It was getting tough to comb it after bath and as some on you know.. she seems to have a very tender head.. or at least that is what she thinks. LOL Matt really likes the new shorter look, but says she looks so much older, which what we really don't need.

Heading to church last Sunday

The Preschool was asked to come to church and sing last Sunday. Harper and I went and after they kid sung, she headed to Sunday School and loved it. We are going to start going every week.

Fall Preschool picture

October 2009


Matt's pumpkin...

My pumpkin...

oops.. a little blurry...

Our little Tooth Fairy!

We had a good Halloween this year. Matt had to work until about 5 and after he got home we headed out. We went to a few houses in our neighborhood and then heading to Grandpa's to Trick-or-Treat his street and off to Mitch and Brandy's new house to do a little more. Harper had a good time and really enjoyed seeing other kids in the costumes. She asked about everyone we passed.. "Who are You?" She got a TON of candy, which we are still eating. I throw away a couple of pieces a day so we can get rid of it sooner...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harper lost her first tooth ( October 21st)

Hard to believe that Harper lost her first tooth already! She has been sick the week prior and when we were at the Dr. office I realized that it was loose. Luckily we had a scheduled dentist apt for the next day. The tooth was very loose and the nice dentist lady helped her pull it. The top 2 are also loose so it won't be long until the tooth fairy visits again.... They just pulled the tooth!

In the bathroom @ the dentist - she wanted to see....

Holding the little treasure chest they gave her to put her tooth in!

Playing in the LEAVES!!