Friday, March 25, 2011

Girls Trip

Harper had spring break the week of March 21th so I figured I would take the week off too and we would have a "girls trip." We headed out Monday morning to Albion to see Grandma and Grandpa. We had lunch and then headed to Atkinson. I had wanted to stay in Albion for the afternoon, but as soon as lunch was over, Harper stated asking when we were going to leave so she could play with her cousins. After about the 4th time, Mom said, "Why don't you just go before she drives us all nuts"... So we headed to Atkinson. She was soooo excited to see her cousins and pretty much talked to whole way.....Which is actually normal for Harper.. LOL We got there in the afternoon and playing began! Harper was excited to have the "sleep over" in the girl's room. All the kids, Caleb, Madison, Abby & Harper slept on the floor in sleeping bags. Harper struggled falling asleep, because of the "noise", I guess being an only child she needs it to be quiet.. :-) The next morning Caleb and Madison had preschool. Because it was sibling day, Abby was able to also go. So Jadon, Harper, Miechelle and I went to visit Marlene at work. After school we went and go the kids, stopped for Pizza and went home to resume playing. We all (including Brady, Scott and Marlene) went out to eat that evening and the back home for another sleep over. Harper and I took off the next morning to head to Grand Island, but we first stopped by to see Sheena and Tripp.



Harper and I left Atkinson and headed to Sheena's... She took us to a barn to show Harper a bottle fed calf. We then headed to Barlett to have lunch at some little mom and pop diner. Great hamburger!
Harper & I headed Grand Island (Wednesday afternoon). We went and did some shopping and had dinner. Sonja and I thought that would wear her out, but NO! She was all wound up and ready do play Polly Pockets with Sonja. Thursday morning we got up and had lunch and Carlos O Kellys and then went to pedicures! Harper also got her nails painted. Sonj and I had never had a pedicures before and we loved it. This may become a monthy thing for the 3 of us!

Sonja & I were sitting by the dryer and Harper was sad that she had no one to sit by

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Apparently I started a tradition at our house last year..... The little weeee leprechaun visits and makes our toilet water green and leave Harper a gift. Well, he visited again this year! When we got home from speech the water in the toilet was green, there was neat pair of shamrock sunglasses also by in the bathroom along with a bunch of gold chocolate coins laying all over the house. Harper had a fun looking for the coins. Later in the evening she was outside with Matt and was playing in the year. She came running up to Matt and said she thought she saw the Leprechaun run across the street!! We then sent her out in the yard with a flashlight (it was starting to get dark). She looked around the foundation of the house, under the deck and even in the evergreen tree in front of the house, but never say the darn Leprechaun. She then sat on the driveway with a flashlight -scanning the yard in case the leprechaun ran by. We finally got her into the house for bed and all she could talk about was making a 'trap' to catch that little Leprechaun!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Graduation Day...

Harper graduated from speech therapy today! We couldn't be prouder! We started going to speech June of 2008. So afer two half years of going for an hour every Thursday afternoon she has finally graduated! She we first started she couldn't say a lot of different sounds and I sometime had to interpet for her beacuse people couldn't understand her. We had graduation party today... Uncle Mitch, Aunt Jayne, Matt and I were there. Karen presented her with a diploma and then she did sentences using "good" sounds. We had a snack (a decorated cookie) and played Pretty Pretty Princess, one of her favorite games.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning addition!

Harper is learning addition in school. The other day she was in her room being quiet - Yes I know, odd hun? She asks me to come into her room to see what she had written on her board. So proud!

Singing in church

Harper is singing in the church choir @ Westminster and she just loves it. We go to church every Wednesday night - it's called WOW. We have dinner and then Harper goes to choir practice. I am able to visit with new friends in the church libray and just relax until she is done. It has been good for both of us! We are both meeting new friends...

Harper and I went to Albion to visit Mom and Dad last week. We didn't do a whole lot.. we went thought some old pictures, Harper and Sonja went on a long walk and we just hung out... Was a nice visit!


WE finally got to met the new babies in the family! Katy and John hosted a little get together at their house on Saturday. Aunt Carrie was in town and she made a wonderful meal! Harper had a great time playing the Holden and the getting to hold the babies. She would have made a great big sister.. To bad is wasn't in the plans for us :