Sunday, September 27, 2009

MN fishing trip!

For the last few years, Steve, Matt and Mitch have gone fishing in Minnesota. This year they invited Nick Bible to go along. They had a great time and booked next years cabin before they left to come home. Got a good picture of each of them with a fish.


Grandpa Steve



Preschool Carnival

Every year Harper's Preschool had a Carnival. They accept donations for the food bank and you can also buy raffle tickets for a door prize and also a free month of Preschool. Unfortunately we didn't win anything, but she did have a good time and Jayne and I enjoyed watching all of the kids... They had different stations for the kids to go though and I have posted a few of the stations.
Better her Butterfly (of course) Tattoo

Apparently she likes to fast, like her dad....?

Getting another Tattoo

Searching for buried Stuff...

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Nebraska State Fair.........

When we had told Harper that we were goign to the State Fair this year - the first thing she said was that she wanted to go on a Camel ride (again) this year.

Harper on the Camel... Harper deesn't remember her name, but she WAS a girl!

The Annual picture - check out September 2007 blog for last years picture

I cannot believe how BIG the Budweiser horses were....

Some random Husker cow in the 4H building

The white fish giving Harper a KISS

Visit from Uncle Jim & Aunt Sonja and a trip to the Zoo

Uncle Jim & Aunt Sonja were able to come for a visit last weekend. Sonja actually came down Friday night and Jim followed Saturday morning. Sonja, Harper & I got up early on Saturday and headed to the Lincoln Children's Zoo - we were there when the gates opened at 10.... Had a great time taking a horsey ride (Harper, feeding the goats & camels, seeing the butterflies and checking out everything else the zoo has to offer. We headed home in time to hang with Uncle Jim before he and his brother Jeff headed to Omaha for a concert. We just hung out the rest of the day , of course hitting the Dollar Store to see what we could come home with...

Day at the Lincoln Children's Zoo (pictures)

On the big Spider Web

Outside the Butterfly house... notice the earrings?

Some feather - she thought she needed to carry around

Must have a pony ride when you go to the Zoo...

Harper Rae & Aunt Sonja!