Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paint Youself Silly Chapter 2

Had my 2nd class at Paint Yourself Silly last week.... Had a great time and made this Christmas plate. I haven't told Matt yet, but I could REALLY get into this.

Yankees VS Royals

Uncle Mitch is a ROYALS fan and Aunt Brandy is a YANKEES fan. Matt thought they needed a new mailbox ---- so he make them one! Many a hours were spent in the garage taping off mailbox so Matt could paint it. He only started over once because it wasn't JUST right... LOL

Great Job honey!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 4

On the way to school this morning Harper and I were listening to the radio. They were talking about the White House. Harper piped up in the back seat and said "Mommy, I know who lives in the White House!" I ask her "who" and she says "Principal Omama."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 3

Harper and I were driving home from Choir on Wednesday. I knew that they were going to sing in church on Sunday and I had asked her what song. She they were going to sing "This little light of mine" I got really excited and told Harper that I use to sing that song in Choir when I was little.

She didn't miss a beat and said "You mean in the olden days Mommy?" I laughed and asked her if she knew what the olden days were. She said "It's when you had to ride a horse to go pick up your mail."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 2

Harper and I were at speech last week starting to work on a new sound.... We are working on R's at the beginning of the words. Karen showed Harper a card with a Christmas Tree on it - there was an arrow pointing the decorations. Karen aske Harper if she knew this new word. I took her a while and I could see that she thinking.... Then she said.... ORNIATIONS. I just started to laugh because I knew exactly what she meant to say... She knew there were decorations on the tree, but she also knew that her new words started with "or" so that what she came up with.

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 1

Harper told me that everyone in her class had to go to the 'help' office to get their eye checked. I told her "honey, I think it's called the Health Office." She said "No mommy, it's the Help Office, it where kids who are sick go to get help."

Monday, October 04, 2010



Colton & Harper GLAD their Daddy's are finally back home!!!!

Harper hanging in the back of Daddy's truck....

Grandpa & Deb got Married! 09/25/2010.....