Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day.....


100th Day of School

Harper had her 100th day of school (a couple of weeks ago) and came home with a mask... She had to wear in when we went into Walgreens....They did all sorts of stuff at school that day. She had to take 100 cheerios and other kids in her class had to bring 100 of other items... Hard to believe how much she has learned in 100 days of school.....

After an afternoon of playing in the snow - we decided to make some choclate muffins. She got the cute apron as a Christmas presents from some co-workers. Isn't she a cutie!

She just HAS to lick the leftovers!

Mitch got Harper a sled for Christmas and she loves it! What an action show hun?

Far and In between.....

Not a lot of pictures of the 3 of us and there a few pictures of Me... So I thought I had better post a picture to actually prove that I do allow my picture to be taken.

Harper has turned 6

Harper turned 6 on January 26th.... Last year I started a new tradition 'that she will not let me forget'... of decorating the house & buying her a bunch of balloons! We woke her up and she ran into the living room to see the balloons and streamers. We quickly opened her gifts, because it was a school day!....

She JUST had to have a Fushigi... hasn't quite figured it out yet, but maybe someday!

Now this is probaby my favorite gift... It came from Cousin Sara and Jesse. It a barbie with a couple of little dogs ( a boy dog and a girl dog). However there is a slight twist to these dogs........You can give them water and they pee, yes I said pee. Along with the barbie and dogs was a water bowl, a little bottle to give them a drink and a couple of small little (plastic) newspaper. The dogs "go" and then the water turns yellow! Oh, the boy dog can lift his leg and the little girl squats! LOL

Harper's Humor Chapter 17 page 1

Last night Harper told me she needed a box with a BIG X on the top. We then had to buy her a 360 to put inside. I took me a while to figure out what she was talking about.... (SHE WANTS A...... X BOX 360) Sorry Harper, we already have a WII