Monday, September 12, 2011

Fixing our circle....

The city is finally fixing our circle. When Matt and Harper came home the other day they 'of course' had to go check it out and play!.... Matt tried to open the door of the equipment and it was unlocked so Matt put her in and took a picture. Harper says to Matt "Daddy, I'm going to go to Juvy and you are going to jail".... She is watching to much iCarly...

Steph's wedding shower

Yippy - Steph got her vacummn

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First day of School....

Can you believe that Harper is already in First Grade?


We went over to Liz's house and Laurs made everyone homemade waffles for breakfast.. then we walked the girls to school.

Harper and her best friend Liz @ Liz's house
Harper, Liz and her little sister Grace
Walking to school
Harper and her teacher
Sitting in the gyn waiting to go to her classroom
Harper heading to class......

Trip to the ZOO

We finally made it to the Zoo as a family.... I love the picture of Matt and Harper waiting for the train!