Thursday, May 28, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 7 page 4

When I woke Harper up this morning - she was lying flat on her tummy with her hands underneath herself. She sat up and immediately said... "mommy, the inside of fingers are tickling me"... I asked her a couple of questions and figured out that her hands had fallen asleep from her lying on them as she was sleeping.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

" Theres Frank "

Harper & Frank meet for the first time over a can of chicken
now in the garage - since it's raining

They both like Frank

Explaining that Frank is our friend and cannot be our pet

Good-bye Frank

Last Saturday night Matt was in his garage and in came a black cat... He came upstairs to check on us and we were watching CARS. He went back down to the garage and was sitting at his bench. The cat just jumped up on his lap and starting snuggling. He then had a name... FRANK. For those of you who have seen CARS you will understand where the name came from, "Franks gonna get ya!" Against my better judgment we fed Frank.. a can of chicken.....Matt was hoping that Frank would come back and be shop cat, but he didn't show - - until tonight! We had not put Harper to bed yet and we were all outside and all of a sudden there he was, looking for chicken. Luckily we had one more can left (you know, cat food would be a heck of a lot cheaper then canned chicken). I went up and got the chicken while Matt and Harper sat on the driveway and played with Frank. He went to town on the chicken in the driveway but then it started to rain - so we moved the feast into the garage. He ate all the chicken and then just kind of hung out with us. Harper loved it. (as so did Matt). She wanted to know where Frank lived and what his parents name were. She also wanted to know why Frank could not be our pet. We had to explain to her that Frank is just a friend and he only comes over to visit every now and then. They (Matt and Harper) played, pet and held Frank until it was time for Harper to go to bed. By this time it is almost 10, she was tired, and nearly had a melt down because she was sad that Frank had to leave.

2009 (1st) Running of the Sprinkler!

Not really sure it was hot enough today for her to be running in the sprinkler, but she has been asking and asking and asking, so I finally gave in and let her do it. She had a great time!

Preschool picnic & trip to Omaha Zoo

Harper & Daddy

Harper & Daddy (my favorite)

Aren't they cute

Harper & Mommy


Harper and all her friends at her Preschool picnic

Harper and Daddy playing at Antelope Park

Thursday was a very busy day at our house. Harper had her end of school year picnic at Antelope Park at 11:30. Matt & I both worked until 10 and then went & picked her up from Preschool and headed to the picnic. I had packed up a picnic lunch of PB&J, chips, bananas and peanuts (in the shell). We ate, the kids sang a few songs and then we headed to Omaha to the Zoo. We had not told her about the Zoo because we knew she would be so excited she wouldn't know what to do with herself... The Zoo was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day (about 80) being it was a Thursday and school in still in session it wasn't all that busy. The only disappointing thing was the train was not running until Saturday. We told Harper that it was broke - which really upset her. Since the moment we walked in the front gate she wanted to go to the Train! We did a round-trip of the Tram and that seems to satisfy her. We were all pretty tired from all the walking and headed home.. She fell asleep on the way home but got her second wind when we pulled into the drive way and wanted to go around the circle in her big wheel!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dance pictures...

Last night we went to the studio for Dance pictures... It went very well considering there were 6 four & five year olds. They did individual pictures first then an the whole group. I can't believe how much older she looks with her hair done and all that make-up on. Matt had not yet seen what she was wearing until we got home. We changed at the studio and put the outfit away for safe keeping (in my purse) ... In a Zip Lock baggy that it came in when Ms. Amber gave it to Harper. Anyhow - we got home and Matt was in the garage (playing). He asked where the outfit was and I took the Zip Lock baggy out of my purse and held it up.. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!! Priceless!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


When I got home tonight - Matt & Harper were busy planting flowers. Last year our neighbor Vickie had given Harper a flower pot and she loved it. She and Matt also had many tomatoes, peppers & green onions 'growing' on our trailer. Those of you who saw that wonderful spectal will remember our portable garden. We no longer have the trailer, but Matt wanted to have some flower pots and also do a few tomatoes, pepper and onions again. It is Harper's job to water them every night when she gets home.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a weekend...

Last weekend was so busy - I could hardly keep up what was going on.... Harper had dance class Saturday morning. The recital is at the end of the month and the costumes had come in, but needed to be altered a bit. All the girls had to try on the costumes and they just looked so darn cute. They are dancing to Itsy bitsy yellow poka dot bikini. After dance we hurried home so we could get changed and head to Seward for Brianna's Graduation party. Mitch and Brandy rode with us. Matt didn't get to go b/c he was working at the hardware store. The party was fun and Harper even got to Bowl a little. She really liked and I think I heard Uncle Mitch say that maybe he and Brandy would take her bowling sometime..... hint hint Uncle Mitch!! After the party we heading home so Harper and I could have some quiet time before our evening adventure. We no longer make Harper take a nap on the weekends, but we have her take quiet time. Either playing in her room "quietly" or laying on the couch watching a movie and resting. Anyhow... Matt finally got home from work and we headed out again... Matt and I were going to a surprise 50th birthday party for Lisa @ work and we were talking Harper over to the Hughes. She had a BALL with Sara, Doug & Vickie. Kelsey was at Prom. Vickie said she was wonderful and they had a lot of fun.... Harper of course TALKED their ears off.. But most of you know that she is a talker. I think she gets that from Matt! The Birthday party was fun and we had a LOT of laughs. I need to hang out with work people more often (away from work!).

Sunday morning (MOTHER'S DAY)... Harper and Matt had talked about letting me sleep in while they headed to the grocery store Sunday morning. But I needed to get up and put curlers in Harper's hair to 'practice' for the dance recital again. So after I got that done they headed off to Walmart. Matt said Harper got a lot of laughs with her curlers in her hair. After they got home (returned home with Flowers - THANK YOU VERY MUCH - I love you guys) Matt headed out to do some errands and Harper and I had some quiet time before heading to the Children's museum. We had a good time! I had signed us up to make a stepping stone together. We did get it finished, but she was more excited to go back out and play with everything.

Below are pictures of the weekend! Hope you all have a great week!
High curly pigtails for the recital!

OMGosh - is 2022 already????

Mitch, Brandy, Grandpa & Deb @ Bri's graduation party

She loved bowling!

Harper & Sarah

Harper & Aunt Jayne

Mother's Day @ the Children's Museum
making a stepping stone together

Riding the horse...

Grocery Store


Playing the piano

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just finished another lap around the circle

I think Harper's in bigger??

Fishing with Daddy, Uncle Mitch & Grandpa!

Trying to figure out these... curly pig tails for the dance recital
Harper & Aunt Sonja playing
Anybody seen 'tommy boy'