Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harper lost her first tooth ( October 21st)

Hard to believe that Harper lost her first tooth already! She has been sick the week prior and when we were at the Dr. office I realized that it was loose. Luckily we had a scheduled dentist apt for the next day. The tooth was very loose and the nice dentist lady helped her pull it. The top 2 are also loose so it won't be long until the tooth fairy visits again.... They just pulled the tooth!

In the bathroom @ the dentist - she wanted to see....

Holding the little treasure chest they gave her to put her tooth in!

Playing in the LEAVES!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Costume

Halloween started out being a butterfly, but we have not decided to be a Tooth Fairy...

Weekend is Albion...

Last weekend Harper and I headed to Albion for a few days. I had Monday off so we went to Albion Sunday morning and headed back to Lincoln Monday afternoon. Sheena, Ed, Trinton and Tripp came up for the afternoon so the kids could play. They had a good time playing together.
Harper and Trinton



First snow of the year...

First snow of the year and Harper, like most kids, couldn't wait to get out and play....

Snow Angels....

Face First..... Snow Angels

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Harper's Humor Chapter 11 page 3

Harper and I were at her speech therapy session yesterday..... Teacher Karen had asked Harper about her weekend and if we did anything fun. Harper started to tell her about going to Roca Berry Farm. Harper told her about her and Matt going into the Honkey House and it really scared her. Karen asked her a couple of different times what she had said... I heard exactly what she said the first time and said to Harper "Honey, I think you mean Haunted house not Honkey house". She then say... Ya, I mean Haunter House not Honkey House".....

Shortly after that.... teacher Karen had her saying sentences using words that had the sound her are currently working on. The sound is the L sound. The word was towel. Harper thought about it for a minute and then said, "I took a shower with my mommy and daddy and we used a towel to dry off. I just put my down and kind of laughed. I could see the look on Karen's face as she was trying not to laugh.

*** I just pulled the Blog up and was showing it to Matt. After he read the last part he kind of freaked out and said "Did you say something about THAT not being true about us not showering together?" I said no I didn't think it was necessary. I just though it was funny that she said it. (Harper has just started taking showers & that is what came to mind when she was asked to say a sentence. He thinks it needs to be posted that it not true. So, let it be said - Matt, Harper and I have never showered together. Happy Honey? LOL***

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Roca Berry Farm

"the pose"
We got up early this morning and headed to Roca Berry Farm. They opened at 9 and we got there shortly after they opened. Was still pretty chilly but we pretty much had the run of the place. We walked around and looked at all the stuff and Harper played their life size Candy Land game. We took a hay rack ride through the farm and the 3 of us were the only ones on the ride. We came home with 3 really nice carving pumpkins!
Digging in the sand! Took her a while to get the hang out of it, but once she figured it out she had a lot of fun

Had to ride on the witch again this year...

She would stand outside the castle but didn't want to go it...
to scary!
Candy Land

Harper & Mommy on the hay rack ride

Harper and Daddy on the hay rack ride

Heading home with a sucker!

Harper's Humor Chapter 11 page 2

As Harper and I were heading home from the grocery store today I said something about someone not using their blinker. She then says to me... "Mommy, do you speak blinker? I want to know what the blinker says when it makes that sound."

Helping daddy....

Harper loves to be in the garage with her dad. She helps with all sorts of things, like putting a new bumper on Matt's truck.

Helping daddy put the new bumper on the 'old yukie' truck

Taking the license plate off the old bumper

Putting the license plate on the new bumper

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Logging time on the deck!

Harper and Calvin hanging out on the deck

This picture was taken today and the picture below
was taken in June of 2008....

Harper standing by Daddy's NEW yukie truck!

Pumpkin Painting....

The Pose!
Susan, Calvin, Harper and I went to QP Ace Hardward store today (AKA - Popcorn Hardware Store) for their customer appreciation day today. Calvin and Harper each got to paint a pumpkin and we had a hot dog and soda for lunch.

Calvin painting his pumpkin

Harper painting her pumpkin

Harper's Humor Chapter 11 page 1

I have not done very well in keeping up with Harper's Humor the past couple of months. She does and say something and I think to myself, you need to add that to the Blog and then I forget what it is she said before I can get it blogged... But I do have a new one.

We were all out in the garage last night, which is where we spend a lot of our time. It had rained and was chilly. Harper wanted to take the flashlight out and look for worms. I told her that it was probably to cold and the worms would not be out. Matt said they were probably digging down in the ground trying to keep warm. Harper flipped around and said to Matt, "Daddy how do worms dig since they don't have arms?"