Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nebraska Football game......

Matt, Harper and I went to tailgate with the Vershlings at the Kansas/Nebraska Football game. While some were able to actually go and watch and game in the stadium, other came over to our house and watched it..... Was nice to see everyone!

New projects @ Paint Yourself Silly

Brandy and I spent Veteran's Afternoon at Paint Yourself Silly... I made the ornament to match my plate and Brandy made the cutest Piggy bank every for Olivia for Christmas!

Brandy, Susan and I went the techniques class last week and make these glass snowmen.... Eveyones was different. I can't wait to see Brandy & Susans...

Monday, November 08, 2010

Dad's first post.

Joan has been on me to put something on here for a while, so I have been waiting for a real gem,,,,, I got it last night. Yesterday was a pretty normal Sunday, got up, had breakfast, did a bunch of yard work and went with Mitch to pick up some more junk for the allready overstuffed garage. After everything was settled down for the night I decided that the Lightning deserved a bath. I gotta add a quick side note, mama didn't feel very good,,,,, you know,,,,, her special time? So I grab a bunch of quarters out of the jar and headed for my favorite car wash. About the time I'm giving hugs and kisses, Joni says "Could you stop at Walgreens for me?" I said "sure what do you need?" She replied with the second worst thing I wanted to hear,,,,,,, Midol. I figure I can handle that so I take off. I got the truck to the car wash, got the windows cleaned and headed for Walgreens. This whole time I'm thinking about where the Midol might be located in the store. I figured since it is a feminan deal that it would be located in that dreaded isle where guys are forbidden, or at least avoid like the plauge, to go. So here I am, looking up and down that special isle for said Midol. I quickly determine it's not there. Mabye it's just me, but it felt like I was in enemy territory, at least that's what the stares from the other women in that isle were making me feel like. So, if it's not in woman row, it must be in the pain relief isle. I head that way and look everything over. Once again, I can't find the damn Midol. About this time, I realize that there is no line at the pharmacy, so I bite the bullet and go for help. The young lady working comes over ands asks what she can do for me, I say "I can't believe I'm about to ask this, but where is the Midol?" ,,,,,Drum Roll,,,,She doesn't know, so she yells at the others working in the pharmacy, "WHERES THE MIDOL?" They don't remember. This whole time, a woman is behind me and is listening to the whole deal, she leans towards me and says, "painkiller isle, bottom left." So I'm on my way, I've got the Midol discreetly hidden in my palm and I make it to the checkout which is a mad house. As I'm standing in line, I spot the Ghirardelli special chocalate peppermint seasonal bar and figure I better get one of those as well. I make it to the cashier and lay my two items on the counter, she looks at them as she rings them in and then looks at me with a what the hell look,,,,,,, All I could say was, "Mama's having a rough night." She smiled and quickly and discreetly put the Midol and choclate in a sack. It just goes to show what a guy will do for his wife. After all, I probably owe her a couple after having to tend to me.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Matt and I have been trying to get Harper to be a bush for the last couple of years. But she would never agree - that is until this year. But I had to make it a little more fun to get her to agree.... So we decided she would be a tree with a birds nest!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paint Youself Silly Chapter 2

Had my 2nd class at Paint Yourself Silly last week.... Had a great time and made this Christmas plate. I haven't told Matt yet, but I could REALLY get into this.

Yankees VS Royals

Uncle Mitch is a ROYALS fan and Aunt Brandy is a YANKEES fan. Matt thought they needed a new mailbox ---- so he make them one! Many a hours were spent in the garage taping off mailbox so Matt could paint it. He only started over once because it wasn't JUST right... LOL

Great Job honey!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 4

On the way to school this morning Harper and I were listening to the radio. They were talking about the White House. Harper piped up in the back seat and said "Mommy, I know who lives in the White House!" I ask her "who" and she says "Principal Omama."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 3

Harper and I were driving home from Choir on Wednesday. I knew that they were going to sing in church on Sunday and I had asked her what song. She they were going to sing "This little light of mine" I got really excited and told Harper that I use to sing that song in Choir when I was little.

She didn't miss a beat and said "You mean in the olden days Mommy?" I laughed and asked her if she knew what the olden days were. She said "It's when you had to ride a horse to go pick up your mail."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 2

Harper and I were at speech last week starting to work on a new sound.... We are working on R's at the beginning of the words. Karen showed Harper a card with a Christmas Tree on it - there was an arrow pointing the decorations. Karen aske Harper if she knew this new word. I took her a while and I could see that she thinking.... Then she said.... ORNIATIONS. I just started to laugh because I knew exactly what she meant to say... She knew there were decorations on the tree, but she also knew that her new words started with "or" so that what she came up with.

Harper's Humor Chapter 16 page 1

Harper told me that everyone in her class had to go to the 'help' office to get their eye checked. I told her "honey, I think it's called the Health Office." She said "No mommy, it's the Help Office, it where kids who are sick go to get help."

Monday, October 04, 2010



Colton & Harper GLAD their Daddy's are finally back home!!!!

Harper hanging in the back of Daddy's truck....

Grandpa & Deb got Married! 09/25/2010.....